Why Choose Padgett?

We’re Unique.

Many accountants take a historical approach to accounting & taxes for small business clients. The business owner just meets with their accountant at year-end to review the results of the prior year and find out their tax liability.

We have a different philosophy. We never lose sight of the true ultimate goal, helping entrepreneurs like you realize your dreams. We are there every step of the way as you build your company – from startup, to expansion, to wherever you see your business going.

Padgett believes accounting is more of a management tool you can use throughout the year to help run your business and not something you consider only at year-end to file taxes.

We believe in being proactive. Having current information throughout the year helps our clients make better decisions that ultimately minimize their tax liabilities while still boosting the bottom line. It also helps our clients stay current in record keeping and reporting. After all, it’s always easier to keep up, than catch up!

Our service package is customized to your needs and because we only deal with small business, our fees are designed to meet a small business owner’s budget.