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September 27, 2016 3:50 pm

We spent some time getting to know Tony from Assante Capital Management. He has been in business for over 30 years helping clients achieve financial growth. He is not only a financial advisor, but he is also a partner in the business – so he’s very invested! (Ha! Pardon the pun.) Tony started in the industry in 1984 and is licensed in securities, mutual funds, insurance etc., He has seen, done and heard it all and very few things surprise him. What we like most is his ‘no pressure’ approach with his clients and his passion for his life’s work.

Because of his years of experience, Tony has seen very transformative times in the stock market but the most impactful was definitely around 911. He explained that his clients had never been so fearful and that it “changed the way I saw the world and the way I changed my own approach to doing business.” This ability to change with the times is the cornerstone to his business and the reason why his clients “stay with him forever.” He also cares about his clients – “they become like family in many ways. I worry about them when I fall asleep at night.” That seems so rare these days but that’s why we think he’s awesome.

We had some fun asking Tony a series of rapid questions – here are his responses:

Which Winnie the Pooh Character is your favourite?

Tony: Tigger

Would You Rather Soar Into The Future Or Go Back In Time?

Tony: Back in time

Sweet or Salty?

Tony: Sweet

What Famous Person Past or Present, Would You Love To Have at Your Dinner Table?

Tony: Jesus Christ

Swiss Alps or Hawaiian Beach?

Tony: Hawaiian Beach (but the Swiss Alps are nice too)

Bugs Bunny or Road Runner?

Tony: Bugs Bunny

In 3 Words, Describe Your Perfect Weekend!

Tony: Hot, Sexy, Satisfied

If You Could Re-Incarnate As An Animal, Which Would It Be?

Tony: Black Panther

Your Best Business Advice

Tony: You must stand for something or you will fall for everything AND At times you have to take a step backward to go 2 steps forward.

Want to speak with Tony?

Assante Capital Management
3400 Fairview St. Lower Level
Burlington, ON L7N 3G5
Tel. (905) 319-6366 ext. 117

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