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Joseph Vandenhurk – Miska Trailers

September 25, 2016 2:44 pm

We spent some time getting to know Joseph Vandenhurk at Miska Trailers. His company sells trailers but he definitely doesn’t trail behind anyone or anything. Located on Highway 6, just north of Clappison’s Corners, he has been in business for 12 years. He bought the pre-existing business at the time mostly he says, because “he wanted to be his own boss.” Since then, his company has seen significant and enviable growth.

But, as we know, to be successful in business, you need to understand where your abilities start and stop. That, says Joseph, is why I have Padgett Business Services do my books – “because I knew right away that my skills were in other places.” Places like innovating new products and overseeing the construction of custom trailer orders from start to finish. They’ve also worked at and invested a great deal in minimizing their environmental impact in their production facility – everything from energy efficient lighting to high efficiency motors and much more. “All these changes have cost us capital money upfront, but we believe these changes in technology will save us 50% in energy costs, which helps our environment”

Joseph is proud of his business, he’s proud of his product and he’s proud of his team. You can tell that even when you speak with him on the phone. We love getting to see him on our regular office visits but mostly, we like that he’s an awesome guy who is passionate about his business, cares about the environment and cares about the people around him. He’s a keeper for sure!

Would You Rather Soar Into The Future Or Go Back In Time?

Joseph: Into the Future

Sweet or Salty?

Joseph: Sweet (Nothing wrong with that)!

What Famous Person Past or Present, Would You Love To Have at Your Dinner Table?

Joseph: Darwin -” I would love to know the thought processes behind his theories.”

Swiss Alps or Hawaiian Beach?

Joseph: Swiss Alps

Bugs Bunny or Road Runner?

Joseph: Bugs Bunny

In 3 Words, Describe Your Perfect Weekend!

Joseph: Relaxing At Home (Sounds Perfect to us!)

If You Could Have Witnessed One Historical Event, What Would It Be and Why?

Joseph: Columbus’ Sail around the World. ” It would have been a very different place and a very different experience back then”

If You Could Re-Incarnate As An Animal, Which Would It Be?

Joseph: A Lion

Your Best Business Advice

Joseph: “Never Stop Growing”

Bam! Not much better advice than that!

Want to check out his business? You can find Miska Trailers at www.miskatrailers.com

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