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Dave and Pearl – Spirits Delivery

September 23, 2016 2:50 pm

We spent some time getting to know Dave and Pearl from Spirits Delivery! Did you know that they have worked out of their home based business for 5 years? Yes, for those Hamiltonians who are wondering, they deliver spirits to your door! They are magicians of sorts, you don’t have to battle the weather to make your cold bottle of Chardonnay arrive at your doorstep AND, it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Their business originated from Dave’s desire to help the seniors in his community and they are deeply opposed to drinking and driving. Dave recognized that many seniors struggle to wait in lines at the store and struggle to do so during cold and hot weather. (Lately, our weather seems to have no shoulder seasons, we go from freezing cold to stifling hot). Their desire to simplify the lives of seniors and their commitment to ensuring no one drinks and drives are just some of the reasons we are so proud to work with these awesome peeps!

Because their backgrounds involve both Canada and the United States, they knew they needed the help with the bookkeeping since rules are different here than they are across the border. “Sometimes you’re just smarter to know when you need help” says Dave. “Martine and her team are knowledgeable, reasonably priced AND she’s willing to teach me some of what I need to know for my daily record keeping. I love that” declares Pearl.

While knowing about their business is fun, it’s also fun to get to know them more personally, so a rapid fire q and a session seemed like a way to get that done:

Which Winnie the Pooh Character is Your Favourite?

Pearl: Eeyore

Would You Rather Soar Into The Future Or Back In Time?

Pearl: Into the Future

Sweet or Salty?

Pearl: Both (Ha! Good Answer!)

What Famous Person Past or Present, Would You Love To Have at Your Dinner Table?

Pearl: Sean Connery

Swiss Alps or Hawaiian Beach?

Pearl: Swiss Alps

Bugs Bunny or Road Runner?

Dave: Bugs Bunny

In 3 Words, Describe Your Perfect Weekend!

Dave: Relax, Relax, Relax
(Ain’t that the truth!)

If You Could Have Witnessed One Historical Event, What Would It Be and Why?

Dave: The invention of the wheel. I would have loved to understand the thought processes involved.

If You Could Re-Incarnate As An animal, Which Would It Be?

Dave: A Parrot
(I should have asked the reason for this, but maybe it’s more fun to speculate!)

Your Best Business Advice

Dave: “Don’t Be Afraid to Dream of Success”

Bam! Not much better advice than that!

Want to check out their business? You can find them at spiritsdelivery.com or call them at 905-921-9339

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