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We work with amazing people – we want you to get to know them.

As a Consumer Choice Award Winner, we understand that our business wouldn’t be award winning without our clients and customers. We work with such amazing people who work tremendously hard as small business owners. It’s important to us to share their stories because their businesses make our business better!

Suzanne – The Personal Mortgage Group

We spent some time getting to know Suzanne from The Personal Mortgage Group. They have been in business for 25 years helping clients find personal mortgage solutions and she’s been along for the ride for many of them. She started in the industry in real estate and loved working on behalf of clients and private banks. She was drawn to the industry because she loves helping people navigate tricky contracts and loves shining a light on the differences between mortgages. We all know what it’s like to feel vulnerable and stressed at the time of a home purchase and her strong desire to make the experience easier for her clients is why we love working with Suzanne

Miska Trailers

Joseph Vandenhurk – Miska Trailers

We spent some time getting to know Joseph Vandenhurk at Miska Trailers. His company sells trailers but he definitely doesn’t trail behind anyone or anything. Located on Highway 6, just north of Clappison’s Corners, he has been in business for 12 years. He bought the pre-existing business at the time mostly he says, because “he wanted to be his own boss.” Since then, his company has seen significant and enviable growth. But, as we know, to be successful in business, you need to understand where your abilities start and stop. That, says Joseph, is why I have Padgett Business Services do my books – “because I knew right away that my skills were in other places.” Places like innovating new products and overseeing the construction of custom trailer orders from start to finish. They’ve also worked at and invested a great deal in minimizing their environmental impact in their production... View Article

Amanda - Custom Portrait Artist

Amanda Immurs – Custom Portrait Artist

We spent some time getting to know Amanda Immurs. She has been in business since 2012. Amanda is a visual artist and her residential and commercial painting along with her custom portrait work keeps her days busy. She comes by this remarkable talent quite innocently as her mom was an interior decorator and an artist herself. We think it’s amazing that her inspiration came from right inside her home! Do you hate painting and want your home to look a little differently? Amanda’s faux finishing work is incredible and she paints anything. What does it mean to be the sole proprietor or your business? It means allot of hard work, diligence and dedication but Amanda has all that in spades – she has a love for her community and her smile and laughter is contagious. So a little more about her business: Amanda offers many different faux finishing techniques; glazing,... View Article

Spirits Delivery

Dave and Pearl – Spirits Delivery

We spent some time getting to know Dave and Pearl from Spirits Delivery! Did you know that they have worked out of their home based business for 5 years? Yes, for those Hamiltonians who are wondering, they deliver spirits to your door! They are magicians of sorts, you don’t have to battle the weather to make your cold bottle of Chardonnay arrive at your doorstep AND, it doesn’t cost you a fortune. Their business originated from Dave’s desire to help the seniors in his community and they are deeply opposed to drinking and driving. Dave recognized that many seniors struggle to wait in lines at the store and struggle to do so during cold and hot weather. (Lately, our weather seems to have no shoulder seasons, we go from freezing cold to stifling hot). Their desire to simplify the lives of seniors and their commitment to ensuring no one drinks... View Article