Amanda - Custom Portrait Artist

Amanda Immurs – Custom Portrait Artist

September 24, 2016 2:47 pm

We spent some time getting to know Amanda Immurs. She has been in business since 2012. Amanda is a visual artist and her residential and commercial painting along with her custom portrait work keeps her days busy. She comes by this remarkable talent quite innocently as her mom was an interior decorator and an artist herself. We think it’s amazing that her inspiration came from right inside her home! Do you hate painting and want your home to look a little differently? Amanda’s faux finishing work is incredible and she paints anything. What does it mean to be the sole proprietor or your business? It means allot of hard work, diligence and dedication but Amanda has all that in spades – she has a love for her community and her smile and laughter is contagious.

So a little more about her business: Amanda offers many different faux finishing techniques; glazing, Venetian plaster, metallic, antiquing, wood graining and murals. But, as much as she loves those things, working on children’s rooms are still her favourite projects. “There’s much more creative spirit and license in a child’s room” she says. Here is her Facebook cover photo – proof that children must really be her best medicine and her biggest inspiration! Love it!

While knowing about their business is fun, it’s also fun to get to know our clients more personally, so a rapid fire q and a session seemed like a way to get that done: 

Which Winnie the Pooh Character is Your Favourite?

Amanda:  Eeyore

Would You Rather Soar Into The Future Or Back In Time?

Amanda:  Into the Future

Sweet or Salty?

Amanda: Both (Ha! A Girl after my own heart!)

What Famous Person Past or Present, Would You Love To Have at Your Dinner Table?

Amanda: The famous American painter – Robert Rauschenberg

(I admit I had to google his name – I’m so glad I did. His work is incredible.  Look him up too!)

Swiss Alps or Hawaiian Beach?

Amanda: Swiss Alps

Bugs Bunny or Road Runner?

Amanda: Road Runner

In 3 Words, Describe Your Perfect Weekend!

Amanda: Food, Laughter and New Scenery

(OK, that’s 4 words but one is an adjective so we’ll let that slide!)

If You Could Have Witnessed One Historical Event, What Would It Be and Why?

Amanda: The First Flight

If You Could Re-Incarnate As An animal, Which Would It Be?

Amanda: A Cat

Your Best Business Advice

Amanda: “Live in the now.  No sense worrying about the future.”

Bam!  Not much better advice than that!

Want to check out her business? You can find Amanda Immurs on Facebook and Instagram or call her at 905-921-1211.


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